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Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)

mindZfire have been managing a lot of research and developments in the field of bus body design and truck cabin development. The rollover and impact scenarios were simulated and developed solutions to them in-house. Professionals in mindZfire were been key players providing technical solutions in global heavy vehicle development projects across various manufacturers. The business model proposed is mindZfire develop complete solution according to the pre-requisites from our customer.

Design Solutions
  • Product styling according to the customer’s demand and image
  • Design of the bus structure according to AIS 052
  • Structural designs that meets crash and rollover demands such as    ECR 066 or AIS 031
  • Rear View mirror design
  • Under-run protection devices
  • Seat and seat belt anchorage simulation
  • Aerodynamics verification
  • Interior design
  • Durability analysis to verify fatigue and damages in life cycle
  • Process standardization and Project management
  • Plant set up
  • Support to the coach builders to get certified by authorities.

  • Advantages for manufacturer
  • Reduced product launch time to hit the market early
  • Cost saving
  • Effective cut back in R&D expenses
  • Superior aesthetics and aerodynamics against the normal products in the market
  • Very low risk of getting certified by the authorities
  • Accessibility to newer design and techniques