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  Design of the bus structure
      according to AIS 052

  Structural designs that
      meets crash and rollover
      demands such as
      ECR 066  /  AIS 031

  Under-run protection devices

  Aerodynamic verification
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mindZfire technologies is the realization of the long aspiration and planning of a group of internationally experienced professionals who possess a common vision. mindZfire believes in sustainable profitability by providing the top quality design and product development solutions to our clients in the field of transportation.

for a green tomorrow   depicts the focus of the team. The green symbolizes the nature, safety, progress and the flow. To accomplish our vision statement, we deliver the transport solutions that are lighter, aerodynamic and safer using environmental friendly material. Accompanied with the futuristic styling and product message will ensure our customer gets the smooth flow and progress in terms of profitability and market penetration.