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Light Duty Vehicles(LDV)

mindZfire support  OEMs in developing BiW, Door concepts, exterior and interior components. mindZfire have a strong work force with good experience in complete life cycle projects using design and numerical analysis tools.

  • Concept & Styling
  • BiW & Doors
  • Interiors
  • Exterior
  • Crash Analysis (frontal impact, side impact,low
    speed impact etc)
  • Durability and fatigue analysis
  • Aerodynamic simulations

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles(HCV)

    mindZfire will be a cost & time effective solution provider for Bus and truck manufacturers. mindZfire invested a lot of time and effort in understanding the rollover and impact results of Bus and truck cabin. There are many ready solutions existing With mindZfire.

  • Concept & Styling
  • Structural design
  • Rollover analysis based on ECR 066 / AIS 031
  • Crash analysis based on ECR 029 / AIS 029
  • Durability and fatigue analysis
  • Plant layout and project support
  • Support to coach builders in getting certified for AIS 052