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  Design of the bus structure
      according to AIS 052

  Structural designs that
      meets crash and rollover
      demands such as
      ECR 066  /  AIS 031

  Under-run protection devices

  Aerodynamic verification
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MindZfire addresses the market as a complete-cycle, turn-key partner or as provider of specific services intended to cater to the needs of manufacturer.

Creative research steers to pure, uncluttered shapes and styles. mindZfire’s styling engineers focus towards taking the product a byword for elegance and functionality.

Concurrent engineering team work with state of the art technologies and software tools. The whole idea of engineering is to connect the real world to creative designs. The design make sure the product meet the engineering and legal demands.

Virtual Validation
The virtual validation team provide the support to engineering by simulating the design against  various demands such as legal, feature, durability etc.

Manufacturing Support
mindZfire provide support to the client in manufacturing designed product with intended quality through on site guidance.